(English) 40 Years Department MAFI

International Conference celebrates its 40th anniversary Department „Machinery for the food industry“, University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv. It involved with reports and guests of similar schools in Russia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Trained in the last 4 decades have 900 bachelors and masters engineers. Problems establishing common criteria will be part of the conference, said Professor Stefanov:

Stefan Stefanov:

– I hope to help each other in solving problems that arise in connection with the various approaches to education that are different universities in order to create better mobility of students from different countries.

Department is unmatched in the field of higher education nationwide. Trained professionals here are well accepted in the industry in our country and abroad. In recent years, standards in the preparation of food fell reminds one of the founders of the department and honorary chairman of the organizing committee of the celebrations Professor Stefan Dichev:

Stefan Dichev:

– Accompany the countless products that are not good for the consumer and for this we have to fight in this respect in 2013, as has emerged in the world, a new era in the management of brain and thinking people, mainly because It is this that, in order to accompany parelno high flow fakes.

Bulgaria was formed about 21 percent of gross domestic product of food production. Now the rate has fallen below 15, but high quality can fight unfair competition, says Professor Dichev.

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